Local Elections…

The Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored two candidate forums this year, featuring candidates for local races including Lancaster City Council District 3, Lancaster County sheriff, S.C. House District 45 and U.S. House District 5.

Certainly, most people have been paying close attention to the presidential race, whether they wanted to or not. It has truly been hard to avoid.

But we encourage you to look even more closely at the local races. These are the contests that will elect our friends and neighbors, who will be making decisions for the next two to four years that will have the greatest impact on our day-to-day lives here at home.

In addition to the candidates you will select, you also can vote Yes or No on a local ballot question pertaining to Sunday sales of beer and wine in retail establishments. The ballot question states:

“Shall the Department of Revenue be authorized to issue temporary permits in this county for a period not to exceed twenty-four hours to allow the sale of beer and wine at permitted off-premises locations without regard to the days or hours of sales? Yes – In favor of the question. No – Opposed to the question.”

Here’s a simpler way of understanding that. If you favor beer and wine sales on Sundays in retail stores such as grocery and convenience stores, vote Yes. If you oppose the sale of beer of wine in these establishments on Sundays, vote No.

This issue has both a moral and economic component. While we respect the opinion of those opposed to the ballot question, the chamber supports the question based on the economic opportunity for our businesses and the subsequent tax revenue and sales that would remain in Lancaster County.

We believe this will allow a fair and competitive position for our local retail stores that choose this option if it’s allowed. Our retail stores compete with establishments in neighboring York, Mecklenburg and Union counties, and we prefer to always give our businesses and citizens the best opportunity to purchase products locally to support our economy.

As Lancaster County citizens and Americans, we are all winners when we protect our freedom of choice by voting on Nov. 8.

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