How Does Bias Effect Your Decisions?

Think for a moment about the last time you and your co-workers were involved in a difficult situation. After the situation was resolved did you or another person realize that the situation was the result of a misunderstanding?  At times a misunderstanding is the result of an unsubstantiated bias.

It is not a surprise that we all have biases and we are prone to over react at times and attack what we perceive as a threat or what we don’t understand.

Our biases are a product of our life experience and many times we don’t realize how much influence they have upon us. We often launch a verbal attack on someone because they are different and we simply do not want to take the time to try to understand why they are different.  Perhaps if we were to ask the other person some questions and we gain some information, then what we perceive as a horrible difference could be common ground for developing a positive relationship.

There is always a risk in trying to build a bridge of understanding but when we connect with other person the results are usually well worth the effort. This week why not take some time to try to build a bridge of understanding. One day you may need a bridge built for you.

Freddie Ann Hutchens, CEO, Hutchens, Moore and Associates, LLC


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